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Stay for the Day
Looking to visit someone who's already staying at our Camp-Resort? You're in luck! We offer Visitor Passes so you can make the most out of your East Coast camping trip. 

*Please note that availability is limited for these passes and may require call-ahead approval. We do not offer Day Passes. 
Visitor Passes
Jellystone Park™ welcomes visitors! If you would like to visit someone staying at the park we have visitor passes available for a fee!

These fees apply to: Additional persons - Guests not included in camping base rates. Visitors - Guests visiting someone staying at the park.
Non-Peak Season
Adults & Children: Day/Night - $24, 4-7 Nights - $72
Peak Season, Holidays, & Halloween Weekends
Adults & Children: Day/Night - $40, 4-7 Nights - $120
How to Purchase
Call us at (603) 383-4567 to add an extra person to your booking!
Terms and Conditions
Visitors and additional persons are only required to pay fees for a maximum of 3 nights. Visitors and additional persons are not allowed to bring pets. Visitors and additional persons must register upon arrival.