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Inside Perspective on the Best Activities According to Staff
Feeling overwhelmed by the sheer abundance of options for your vacation itinerary? Fear not! We've assembled a team of our most knowledgeable staff members to curate a list of their absolute favorite activities and attractions, ensuring you make the most of your time here. Whether you're seeking adrenaline-pumping adventures or relaxing activities in nature, our expert recommendations will steer you towards unforgettable experiences. Discover why our camp-resort is the best campground in New Hampshire for families, renowned for its diverse array of offerings with excitement and relaxation at every turn.

Andrew - Park Services & Night Security

Andrew, a park services and night security, recommends tubing down the Saco River as a must-do activity for every visitor. "It is relaxing and cools you off on a hot day. Nothing beat's it!" he says. The Saco is accessible for tubing right at our Saco River campground. Rent a tube and float down the river enjoying the New Hampshire woodland view. 

Melinda - Guest Services

     Melinda, a guest services representative, shares her favorite activity working at Jellystone Park™ Glen Ellis.  "The Hey-Hey Rides" bring so much joy to guests of all ages," she shares. With many options available, including the beloved "Hey Hey" rides during the day and the enchanting glow wagon excursions in the evenings, Melinda emphasizes how each ride offers a unique and enjoyable experience for guests. She loves witnessing the excitement of all the wagon riders, the visitors watching from their sites, the parade bikes following behind, and of course a visit from the bears!

Dominique - Recreation Supervisor

Dominique, recreation supervisor, shares her favorite activities at the park with a emphasis on Silent Disco. "Witnessing the contagious laughter at Silent Disco never fails to brighten my day," she exclaims. This unique experience draws campers of all ages to the dance floor, igniting a symphony of laughter and unforgettable memories.

Bernadette- Guest Services & Retail Manager

Bernadette, a dedicated member of the Jellystone Park ™ Glen Ellis team shares her favorite activity at the park. "Mini Golf is by far my favorite activity," she shares. It brings out a whole new level of family fun and the best dance moves. Bernadette shares, "You see parents get competitive with their kids and a little friendly competition. It makes my day seeing campers have so much fun at our park" she shares. Our 18-hole golf course is filled with a little challenge and a lot of fun. View our hours of operation page to know when you can play! 

Donna - Housekeeping

Donna, in housekeeping, is a dedicated member of the team that has been working at Jellystone Park™ Glen Ellis for many years. She says the Cindy Bear Pool is the perfect spot to relax, float, and cool off on hot summer day. "It may be simple, but a pool day is always fun," she expresses. However, if you are looking for more than a dip in the pool, our Water Zone is filled with water slides, water blasters, and water cannons! 

James - Assistant General Manager

James, assistant general manager at Jellystone Park™ Glen Ellis shares his favorite activity at the park. "I always enjoy Laser Tag because I get to pretend I am Rocket from Guardians of the Galaxy," he shares. James also expresses that it is a challenge to choose just one activity. Luckily, Jellystone Park™ Glen Ellis offers daily activities and weekly themes for all campers to participate in! Check out our weekly activities to not miss out on the fun! 
Rest assured, we understand the challenge of navigating through countless vacation possibilities. That's why we've enlisted our top experts to handpick the very best activities and attractions for you. Let our tailored recommendations be your guide to crafting a truly unforgettable camping experience in the best family campground in New Hampshire. If you're interested in booking a stay with us, you can do so here. We hope to see you and your family this season!